Tradiverse invests in Mexico to promote the growth of sales of US grain to Mexico.

Mexico City, Mexico – Tradiverse has increased its sales capacity by developing relationships with grain companies and grain brokers in Mexico City and Monterrey.  The expansion, which fully aligns with the company’s growth strategy and enhances its competitive position in the global grain market, will serve the demand for hard red wheat, soft red wheat, white corn, yellow corn and soybeans in  Mexico.

Tradiverse is targeting sales of US grain to the end users of grain in Mexico City, Monterrey, Progreso, Veracruz, and the Yucatán Peninsula. The new marketing initiative is part of an investment plan in Mexico and Central America that looks to serve the needs of the region’s grain and feed importers. The world increasingly needs more sources of affordable grain and protein. Tradiverse is dedicated to helping feed the world. This expansion will significantly enhance Tradiverse’s ability to fulfill that need.