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Risk Management

Management of risk is integral to all of Tradiverse’s business dealings. The successful management of risk from market prices, counterparties, political, credit and products defines the success of our business. We constantly strive to reduce and manage the type & level of the risks our firm faces.

Offsetting risk is central to each trade undertaken by the Tradiverse team. We consider our continued investment in market-leading risk management systems as vital to preserving our competitive advantage. Tradiverse has invested in a customized systems, which integrate information from all our activities and provides a real-time, transparent tool to monitor and adjust operations according to the environment.

A full risk review is undertaken before Tradiverse considers business with any new clients. Counterparty credit risk is continually monitored throughout any transaction and independent risk specialists evaluate and report trading exposures. We view risk management not as a restriction but as a business opportunity.