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gasoilMiddle distillates are the largest category of products produced from refined crude oil and are used to power and transport the world. Aircrafts, trucks, cars and power generators depend on diesel and gasoil to power them all over the world. Tradiverse access to oil discharge terminals in key markets allows it to have a competitive advantage on other traders.

Fuel Oil

fueloilFuel oil has a huge role to play in the world economy. It supplies the power for power plants, industrial consumption, ships bunkers, refineries and industrial feedstocks. Globally ten million barrels of fuel oil are produced and consumed every day.


lpgLPG has numerous commercial and domestic applications, predominantly heating, petrochemical feedstock, motor fuel and refrigeration. LPG is recognised around the world for the contribution it can make towards improved indoor and outdoor air quality and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Tradiverse has numerous long-term agreements for sourcing and supplying LPG. We have invested in infrastructure and logistics to provide our customers the best service possible.


bitumenBitumen is predomin antly used in the paving of roads.  As such it is in great demand in the emerging markets where new roads are being built at great pace.  Tradiverse has numerous long-term agreements for sourcing and supplying Bitumen. We have invested in bitumen discharge facilities to provide our customers with a logistical advantage over the competition.