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sugarTradiverse trades raw sugar in bulk and white sugar in bags or containers. We originate sugar from the world’s leading sugar producing countries, including Brazil and India.

We ship and distribute sugar to customers, industrials, distributors and end-users in other consuming countries worldwide.


riceTradiverse trades in paddy rice and milled rice in bulk and bags or containers. We originate rice from the world’s leading rice producing countries, including the USA, India, Pakistan, Thailand and Vietnam.

We ship and distribute rice to customers, distributors and end-users in consuming countries worldwide, such as Mexico, the Caribbean, Ghana and Nigeria.


flourTradiverse trades in bagged flour and can supply different blends of wheat and maize flour. It has relationships with Flour Mills all over the world and is currently investing in developing its own flour mills around the world.

Vegetable Oil

vegoilTradiverse has relationships with the world’s largest suppliers of vegetable oil. It is also looking to invest in developing vegetable oil crushing plants and storage terminals around the world.